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DJ Antoni Maiovvi

DJ Antoni Maiovvi

Antoni Maiovvi

Legendary Turin based Italo producer, a virtual recluse until 2006 where by Antoni raised his funky head at a few choice parties in Bristol, England where he now resides.

Responsible for the minor hit "(Rubbersex) Lover" in 1984 Antoni decided that seeing as Italo was back, it was time he came back to claim his crown as the worlds ultimate King of Italo.

Antoni's 1st album Il Fantastico Viaggio Del DJ Antoni Maiovvi AKA Retrosexual was THE album that put his name on the map. With additional vocal assistance from such stars as the german techno crooner Hans Richterscalan

Since his re-emergence, Antoni has become a vital member of the group Bronnt Industries Kapital.

...having teamed up with style icon FORTUNA for recent live outings, MAIOVVI & FORTUNA have been literally bringing the party to the gathering, making people literally feel the funk in their flesh, last party no one can remember, THATS how good it was. look out for the next album.