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[snyzch] has no hands. One of his arms is a fire engine, the other a magnifying glass. For eyes he has push chairs, and he has a candelabra for an arse. This is the fault of his parents, who loved him too much. When he tries to talk music falls from his legs. His name is bracketed to honour those who are limbless, and thus unloved: and those poor horrid limbless monstrosities honour him as well. His 'vicious ways of don quixote' (deleted) and 'momma' (obscure) made two domesticated animals turn into fruit. No one has complained. His 7" on Seed Records has been tested, and proven true, in the most important way: when played in clubs across the UK, women find their clothes have run off. They feel naked and helpless, and enjoy it. A someday to arrive follow-up release is suspected of various crimes against humanity, but has so far eluded the pigs.