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Seed 5x5


Seed 5x5

That's it, theyre all gone. Number 5 sold out in just a few minutes...if you were lucky enough to get hold of a copy, check for hidden tracks and some special bonus cd's we stashed across the series...

If you missed out - don't despair. We've rounded up a number of the artists involved and are currently having them remix each others tracks...we'll be making the results available for download on later this year, and sticking a couple of freebies up for those with the 5x5 password cards...


5x5/1 - SOLD OUT

5x5/2 - SOLD OUT

5x5/3 - SOLD OUT

5x5/4 - SOLD OUT

5x5/5 - SOLD OUT

Celebrating 5 years of Seed Records, we will be releasing the Seed 5x5 Series over April & May. 5 CD’s, 5 tracks each, 25 different artists - including every one of our roster as well as friends we’ve made over the last 5 years. Each CD is limited to just 100 hand-numbered copies, with numbers 001,005, and 100 signed by the artists. They come in hand-sealed personalised bags, with some special freebies from us here at Seed, including keyrings, dj torches, photo-prints from B12’s Mike Golding, badges, stickers, engraved petrol lighters, passwords to free mp3’s, and more.

Here’s the complete line-ups

5x5/1 - Bauriola, Digitonal, MoQ, Plaid, Stendec
5x5/2 - Ardisson, Black E, Cursorminer, Milanese, The Doubtful Guest
5x5/3 - dDamage, Mokira, Posthuman, Sancho, The Exgirlfriends
5x5/4 - Redcell, Debasser, Janos Andersson, KCP, Snapmouth
5x5/5 - [snyzch], Goodiepal, Jazzfinger, Le Couteau Jaune, LJ Kruzer

Each pack includes passwords to bonus 5x5 mp3s from -
Ludvig Elbaus, Derehctub, 65daysofstatic (remixed by Digitonal), On/Off, and Posthuman (remixed by Ardisson)

The 5x5 Series will be available in the UK from these stores only:

Seed Records online shop
Smallfish - Old. St, Shoreditch, London
Norman Records
Poke Records - Denman St, Piccadilly, Soho, London

Each outlet will be strictly limited to the number of copies they are allocated, so be quick!


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