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MAIOVVI + FORTUNA - Glitter balls, fast cars and frottage .........available 1st December



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Legendary Italo producers and virtual recluses since 84's minor hit '(Rubbersex) Lover,' Maiovvi and Fortuna are set to drive a 12-litre quadruple turbo charged double overhead cam shafted tarmac-chomping flying machine straight through your video projector screen and into your family's super sized fondo set. Spraying the room with bullets that explode like glitter balls around your ears - but never hurting anyone a la The A-Team - they'll douse your fitting body in a shower of champagne cocktails and pina coladas whilst your wife and daughter strip with gay abandon and the jock next door busts out a silver suit and starts breaking on pop's manicured lawn. Robocop, Manimal and Automan all watch on amazed before this disco dastardly duo declare the death of Italo with:


Available late November on Seed Records (it's been in development since 79') and including the stellar Fabio Frizi  'Zombi 2 - Main Theme' ultraNRG hypermix.

Catch them now before they move on to a more noise based project that ain't half as fun or as sexy and involves the use of spilled entrails from their various horror projects as microphone leads.  Anyone for French Fancies?

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'The ultimate King of Italo'
Dazed Digital

'An energy filled trip'

'Pumping autobahn cruising disco!'
Norman Records

'Calls for sunshine, cocktails and an all night party. Perfect' Vital Weekly

'I'm coming up on a Maiovvi audio ecstasy trip right now!' Company Fuck

'Pure nitrous.  Like drowning in poppers'
Joe Muggs (The Wire + Mixmag)

'Nice tracks!'
Steve Moore (Zombi)

'Raving Italo'

'Interesting and acceptable.'
Fabio Frizi

'Ace euro disco sounds!'


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