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SEED RECORDS......return in 2010



In protest at the future assassination attempt of Clint Eastwood (nee 'Clinton' owner of the infamous card and tat shop ) on the 28th December 2009 at Lake Mead, Clark County, Nevada at 13.12 EST, Seed Records has decided not to release anymore music until the end Feb/March 2010 when they will return with 15 + tracks of electronically inspired sonics from around the globe.
'Seed Records Volume 3' will feature contributions from artists including: 

Antoni Maiovvi, Posthuman, Woody McBride, Andreas Tilliander, Company Fuck, The Dagger Brothers, Tobias Schmidt, Dave Tarrida, Unit Black Flight, Sleeps in Oysters, Yard, Jazzfinger, Capracara, Dressed In Wires plus many more.

In the meantime, feel free to visit our store:

Where we can cater for all your musical perversions in both a ye olde physical format and a newfangled digital configuration including virtual t-shirts which will protect you from temperatures in excess of 400 degrees Celsius (as caused by exploding Christmas puddings) and Hattori Hanzō wielding gremlins who in between crazed bouts of dirty pillow intercourse, shooting 8 ball and singing Michael Ball’s ‘How Can We Be Lovers If We Can’t Be Friends’ as they bathe themselves not to mention operating the waltzers in Siloth, Cumbria, appear to display none of the atypical symptoms associated with dressing up as hirsute versions of Gary Coleman since 1984 such as agalmatophilia and crochet.

Until the New Year, a’dieu.



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